DiskStation: Adjust limit for storage capacity warning

By default, your DiskStation warns you when you have only 20% free storage space left. For many users, however, this is much too early. You can find out how to adjust the limit for storage space warnings here.

Note: These instructions refer to DSM version 7.

Adjust “low capacity notification” limit

By default, when there is not enough free storage space, DiskStation will alert you very conspicuously: A warning appears in the system status widget, a hint can be seen in the storage manager and a corresponding notification is sent via email or SMS at every system start (at least if these methods are set up). This warning is quite practical in itself, but – depending on the hard drives installed and the use case – it is often a bit too early.

1. First, log into DSM – the web interface of your DiskStation. Log in with a user with administrative privileges.

2. Then open the Storage Manager in the main menu and click on »Storage« in the bar on the left.
Then click on the three dots for the corresponding volume and open up the “Settings“.

3. Scroll down in the settings and change the value for “Low Capacity Notification“. After clicking on »Save«, the storage warning should be gone in all menus of the DiskStation. If the warning is still displayed on the start page, for example, a restart will help.

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