iPhone: Last Line No Longer Available

Especially after switching SIM or providers, some iPhone users are confronted with the message “Last line no longer available”. How to get rid of the error when starting a call, you can find out here.

Pop Up “Last Line No Longer Available” – what to do?

This error usually has something to do with the dual SIM function of your iPhone – even if you might not use it at all.

If you have two SIM cards in your iPhone, you can specify per contact which SIM card (or which “line”) should be used to call the number. If one of the SIM cards is no longer available, this “line” might not exist anymore – that’s why this error message appears.

  • Wenn das der Fall ist, öffne am iPhone die Einstellungen und wähle hier den Punkt »Mobilfunk« aus.
  • In der Gruppe “Mobilfunktarife” siehst du alle SIM-Karten, die dieses iPhone verwendet hat. Wenn du hier einen Eintrag mit “SIM fehlt” findest, klicke darauf.
  • Drücke dann auf »Kontakte aktualisieren«. Dadurch werden alle Kontakte wieder mit der aktuell verfügbaren SIM-Karte angerufen. Das solltest du allerdings nur machen, wenn du die bisherigen Einstellungen nicht mehr brauchst.
  • If this is the case, open the settings on the iPhone and select the item “Mobile Data“.
  • In the group “data plans” you can see all SIM cards that this iPhone has used. If you find an entry with “SIM missing”, click on it.
  • Then press “Update Contacts“. This will call all contacts again with the currently available SIM card. However, you should only do this if you no longer need the previous settings.

It’s also possible that you’ve either switched to a newer iPhone, or replaced your physical SIM card with an eSIM. In this case, when you make a call, the iPhone tries to make the call using the last “line” you used. Since this data is stored in the call log, it may help to delete it.

  • To do this, open the phone app on your iPhone and select “Recents” at the bottom.
  • Then press “Edit” in the upper right corner.
  • Then click “Delete” in the upper left corner and confirm that you really want to delete the call log.
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