Turning off the power LED on the Odyssey G5

When the Samsung Odyssey G5 is turned off, the blue power LED lights up by default. Find out how you can change that here.

The Samsung Odyssey G5 has a kind of “control pad” in the center of the lower screen edge. You can not only turn the monitor on and off with it, but also navigate the menu.

1. Press the center of the control pad at the bottom of the screen. Then click up once, and then center again to get into the screen settings.

2. Select the menu item “System” and press the control pad to the right to open the system settings. Navigate all the way down (to the second page) to “Power LED On


Click on the center of the control pad. Then change the setting to “Working” and confirm again by pressing the center of the control pad.
After that, the power LED no longer lights up when the monitor is turned off. However, the LED still blinks when the monitor is waiting for a signal.

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