Google Calendar opens up with wrong date – what to do?

It can be quite annoying when Google Calendar always opens at the wrong date. Find out what you can do about it here.

Google Calendar opens at the wrong date

PC users in particular complain time and again that the Google Calendar opens on the wrong date. The problem is unpleasant, but can be solved quickly with these two simple steps.

Incorrect shortcut to the Google Calendar

Most users probably start their Google Calendar via a bookmark or a desktop shortcut. And this is usually the crux of the problem: Often the link already contains a date, so the Google Calendar does not use the current date.

You can easily rectify this by editing the bookmark or shortcut and typing only as the URL. This will open the calendar without date settings and therefore start it with the current date.

Delete browsing data

If the problem persists, you should delete your browser data. Depending on the browser you are using, this works a little differently.

1.In Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner and then click on »Settings«.

2.Click on »Privacy and security« or »Privacy, search and services« in the bar on the left.

3.Now click on »Clear browsing data«.
Select “All time” for the time period and tick the boxes for browsing history, cookies and website data and pictures and files in the cache.
You should only check the other boxes if you know what they do. In this menu, you can also delete the saved passwords, for example – very few people will really want to do that.
Finally, click on »Clear data«.

4.Finally, close your browser and reopen it.

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