How to access OneDrive via WebDAV

You can access files in the cloud via WebDAV without additional software. How this works with OneDrive, you can find out here.

Accessing OneDrive using WebDAV

Before you can mount OneDrive via WebDav, you have to find out your “OneDrive ID“. To do this, log in to with your Microsoft account.
When you are logged into OneDrive, you will see your OneDrive ID in your browsers address bar after “cid=”. You will need this ID in the next steps.

The WebDAV URL for OneDrive is[your OneDrive ID].

By the way, you can access another user’s public folder with their OneDrive ID.

Mount OneDrive in Windows File Explorer via WebDAV

Using the OneDrive app, you can also access your data in the cloud without WebDAV. However, if you prefer to use OneDrive via WebDAV, you can connect the service with these steps:

1. First open the file explorer and click on »This PC« in the bar on the left. Then click on »Add network location« at the top. In Windows 11, you must first click on the three dots in the navigation bar and then select »Add network location«.

2. In this window, first click on »Next«, then select »Choose a custom network location« and click on »Next« again.

3. Then enter the WebDAV URL for OneDrive in the “Internet or network address” field – that is[your OneDrive ID].
At the end, enter your personal OneDrive ID.
Then confirm with »Next«.

4. In the last step you have to enter your user name (i.e. your e-mail address) and your password. Now you can use OneDrive via WebDAV in the file explorer.

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