How to access pCloud using WebDAV

Using WebDAV you can work with your files from the cloud in real time. Learn how this works with pCloud here.

Whether you simply want to access your files on the go, or need to sync your files, WebDAV can be quite handy. In this article we will clarify whether you can also access your pCloud via WebDAV.

pCloud file access via WebDAV

It is indeed possible to access pCloud via WebDAV. Currently, the WebDAV URL depends on your selected “data region”.

Data region European Union:
Data region United States:
You can log in using the email address and password registered with pCloud.

To use WebDAV, pCloud two-factor authentication has to be disabled.
If you want to use two-factor authentication, you will need the “pCloud Drive” app. You can find more about this in the last paragraph.

Which data region do I use?

In order to store data as close to users as possible, pCloud currently offers two data regions – or server locations: USA (Texas) and Europe (Luxembourg).
To find out your data region, log in to pCloud in your browser. Then click on your profile in the upper right corner, select »Settings« and then »Account«. Here you can see where your data is stored.

Mount pCloud in Windows using WebDAV

Most users will probably use the WebDAV functionality of pCloud via Explorer in Windows.
To do this, open File Explorer and then click on »This PC« on the left. Then navigate to the »Computer« tab at the top and select »Add a network location«.
A new window will open. Click on »Next« and in the next step click on »Choose a custom network location«. Then confirm again with »Next«.
Now type in the WebDAV address corresponding to your data region and press »Next« again.

In the next window enter your credentials. Next you have to enter a name for the online storage. What you type here is up to you.
Finally, click »Finish« twice. Now you have successfully mounted your pCloud in Explorer. You will find it in the File Explorer under “This PC”.

Alternative: pCloud Drive

For many use cases, file access via WebDAV is just the right thing. However, if you want to access, edit and store your data as easily as possible, you will also be happy with pCloud Drive.

The software mounts your pCloud directly as a network drive in Explorer. The program also supports file synchronization.
For an unstable connection, pCloud Drive is more suitable: The client places all data in a cache on your computer and only then uploads it.
WebDAV, on the other hand, communicates directly with your cloud storage without a so-called “cache”. Therefore, it can take a bit longer until larger files are saved (or uploaded).

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