App Store: How to show Bundle ID

In Apple’s App Store, there is no direct way to view the bundle ID of an application. Here’s how to find out the app ID anyway.

Every iOS app (and Android apps, too, to be specific) needs a Bundle ID. The Bundle ID – also called App ID – is used as a unique identifier of an application.

How to find out the Bundle ID of an iOS-App

As mentioned at the beginning, Apple does not display bundle IDs in its App Store. Therefore, a small “detour” is necessary to get this info.

1. Go to the App Store page for the desired app in your browser. The fastest way to find the desired page is via Google or another search engine.
We’ll use the Google app as an example here – the App Store entry is available at

2. Then copy the number after “id” from the URL – in our case that would be “284815942”.

3. Then go to Replace the number after “id” in the URL with the one you copied in the last step.

4. Now a text document with info about the app will be downloaded. Open the file and search here (with [Ctrl] + [F]) for “bundleId“.
In our example we see “bundleId”: “”. So the bundle ID for the Google app is

Bundle IDs have to be unique, but can be changed by the app developer at any time.

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