Android permanently shows alarm clock icon

Some Android users regularly see an alarm icon, even though they have not set an alarm. Why this happens and what you can do about it, you can find out here.

The strange phenomenon mostly looks like this: An alarm clock icon is permanently displayed on the lock screen and in the status bar. The set alarm time keeps changing, but is often only a few minutes in the future. This alarm is not displayed in the alarm clock app and it is not really obvious where it comes from.

Android always shows active alarm

Active alarm on the Google Pixel 6′ lockscreen

The operating system has been restricting background activities of apps for several versions of Android. This is primarily done to minimize energy consumption. Some smartphone manufacturers take a very rigorous approach here, after all, the energy consumption directly affects the battery life. This is usually a good thing, since most apps do not actually need to be running in the background permanently.

EHowever, there are apps that have to run permanently to function properly. For example, automation apps like “Tasker” now use alarm clocks to stay active in the background. This ensures that the app can continue to perform its functions in the background.

What can you do about this?

Many users have learned to just live with it. But if you don’t want to, you should first track down the app responsible for this.
As mentioned earlier, Tasker uses alarm clocks to stay active permanently. But other apps, such as various pill reminders or Plus Beat from OnePlus, can cause the phenomenon as well.

First, consider which apps could be in question here and check the most recently installed apps.

If you suspect an app, open it and go into the settings of this app. Often you will find an option there to not register the app as an alarm clock. In the Tasker app, this item is called “Use reliable Alarms”.
However, if you disable this option, the app may not work as expected.

  1. I have opened my applications installed list, selected clock application and done force stop it worked for me.

  2. This is exactly what is happening on my husband moto g power (2022) phone. No alarm is set, yet alarm icon is up … Do u know if any other apps that could cause this? I’m not tech savvy, so I really don’t know how to find out what’s “running in the background” out using alram feature.

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