Face ID: alternative appearance not available

Especially beard or glasses wearers benefit from the “alternative appearance” feature in Face ID. Learn what you can do if you can’t add an alternate appearance here.

Option “add alternative appearance” not available – what to do?

In some cases, the “Add alternative appearance” option may not appear in the Face ID settings. This is probably because you have already configured an alternative appearance. In the screenshot on the right, for example, that was the case. In rare cases, the option is also simply not available. In both scenarios, the only thing that really helps is to reset Face ID.

1. Open the settings app on your iPhone and click on “Face ID & Passcode“. Enter your passccode here.

2. Next, click on “Reset Face ID” . Face ID will be reset without any user confirmation or further prompt.

3. Now you can set up Face ID again. To do so, click “Set Up Face ID” and follow the instructions on your iPhone. After the setup, you should also be able to add an alternative appearance again.

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