How to reset FRITZ!Repeater to factory settings

If you want to use your FRITZ!Repeater with another WiFi network, you need to reset it first.

Resetting FRITZ!Repeater – this is how it works

All FRITZ!Repeaters from AVM can be reset to default settings very quickly and easily.

1.Plug the repeater into a power outlet and wait until the device is all set to operate.
You can tell when it is ready by the LED on the front panel being solid or blinking slowly (every 2 seconds).
On older models, the power and WLAN (WiFi) LEDs light up.

2.Now press and hold the Connect button on the front of the device for 15 seconds.
On older devices, this button is labeled “WPS”.

3.As soon as the LED flashes and lights up alternately, the FRITZ!Repeater loads the factory settings and restarts. This process may take a few minutes.
When the LED flashes slowly (about every 2 seconds), the device is ready to use again and you can start setting it up.
If you are using an older model, you will have to wait until the Power LED and the WLAN (WiFi) LED light up continuously again.

Tips for setup

The setup works either with WPS or via the web interface.
To connect to a WiFi network using WPS, first press the WPS button on your router and then press the Connect button on the repeater for 1 second. When the LED on the device lights up, the connection has been established and the repeater strengthens the connected WiFi network.
You can also set up the repeater via the web interface. To do this, connect to the repeater’s WiFi network and open the URL http://fritz.repeater/ in your browser.

After resetting, the repeater will broadcast a network with the default name and password. You can usually find the name and password of the WiFi network on the back of your repeater and in the manual.
Newer repeaters – for example the FRITZ!Repeater 600, 1200 (AX) and 6000 – use a randomly generated default password. Older models like the Repeater 310 use eight zeros as password – so “00000000”.

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